PowerDirector Video Editor APK 13.1.2 (2024) Free Download

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PowerDirector Video Editor APK

PowerDirector Video Editor APK is a versatile video editor. Its goal is to give people professional-level editing on their mobile devices. This APK gives you a complete video editing experience, making it easy for new and experienced editors to make beautiful movies. The APK version of PowerDirector also has a good timeline designer. This tool lets users order their video, audio tracks, and effects in a way that makes the whole thing flow smoothly from beginning to end. The timeline system also lets users change things frame by frame, giving them complete control over their movie’s audio and video parts. It lets you work on multiple layers to add text, pictures, and movies to your main film.

At its core, PowerDirector APK has a simple user interface that makes it easy to get around and use all its features. It is easy to use, so even people who have never edited videos can quickly learn the basics. Users may use the program to utilize their ideas and work with various video clips. PowerDirector APK stands out because it has many effects, transitions, and themes. Users can make their movies look more professional by choosing from over a hundred choices. The software offers several methods to increase video quality, from easy changes to more complicated visual effects. PowerDirector APK does not let down people who want more advanced editing tools.

PowerDirector Video Editor APK

The APK version of PowerDirector is also known for its powerful music editing tools. Users can make their audio files sound better by changing the volume, eliminating background noise, and adding music or voiceovers. This makes sure that movies look good and sound good, too. With PowerDirector’s APK, it’s easy to share the final project. The program gives users several options for exporting to choose the best quality file for their movies. PowerDirector ensures that the final product is optimized for the audience it’s meant for, whether for sharing on social media, sending to video sites, or keeping on your computer. This feature is beneficial for making interesting intros and outros or putting pictures on each other to share information.

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PowerDirector Video Editor APK

Key Feature PowerDirector Video Editor APK:

  • PowerDirector Video Editor APK intuitive UI lets beginners and experts utilize it. The well-organized UI and precise controls make video editing easy.
  • The PowerDirector APK supports multiple video and audio tracks.
  • This tool is essential for making complicated videos with layered images, audio effects, text overlays, and more.
  • PowerDirector can trim, cut, divide, and merge videos. Users may alter playback speed, reverse footage, and make precise edits to obtain desired outcomes.
  • The app’s rich effects and transition library help users artistically improve films.
  • Users may add professional touches to projects using 3D transitions, particle effects, and more.
  • The Chroma Key (green screen) capability lets users substitute a solid color backdrop with a video or graphic.
  • Filmmakers utilize this tool to create intriguing scenarios.
  • PowerDirector’s stabilization tool smooths and professionalizes unsteady footage.
  • Text overlays, titles, and captions are easy using PowerDirector’s text capabilities.
  • Users may use fonts, styles, animations, and effects to improve their narration.
  • Users may modify audio levels, reduce background noise, and add audio effects in PowerDirector. This guarantees that audio matches video quality.
  • The software makes recording and adding voiceovers to videos easy.
  • A sound effects collection enhances audio quality.
  • After editing, PowerDirector provides many export choices for different systems and preferences.
  • Selecting video quality, resolution, and format ensures the final result satisfies standards.
  • The real-time preview function lets users fine-tune edits and effects without frequent back-and-forth.
  • Integration with cloud storage makes PowerDirector easy to store and retrieve projects from various devices.
  • Users may work on their movies effortlessly at home or on the road.


  • The software provides excellent features that aid users.
  • Save and share the video on social media.
  • It supports picture, video, and music formats.


  • The app only works better on Android 4.3+.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11.
Memory: 2 GB RAM needed.
Hard Disk Space: 7 GB needed.
Above Intel Core i-series or AMD Phenom II processor.
Screen: 1024 × 768, 16-bit color.

How to use the apps?


The APK version of PowerDirector is a remarkable video editing application that introduces professional editing tools to mobile users. Its user-friendly interface, extensive effects library, multi-layer editing capabilities, and potent audio tools make it a top choice for mobile video editors. With PowerDirector’s APK, the inventive possibilities for video editing are practically limitless.


Q:1 What is PowerDirector Video Editor APK?

Ans: PowerDirector Video Editor APK enables smartphone and tablet users to edit and produce videos. Its editing tools, effects, breaks, and features allow users to create professional films.

Q:2 Is PowerDirector Video Editor APK free to download?

Ans: PowerDirector Video Editor APK is usually free but may provide in-app purchases or a paid edition with more features.

Q:3 What features does PowerDirector Video Editor APK offer?

Ans: PowerDirector Video Editor APK offers multi-track editing, effects, pauses, text overlays, subtitles, video equilibrium, and more. It lets users edit films, add effects, improve audio, and produce entertaining content.

Q:4 Can I use PowerDirector Video Editor APK on my device?

Ans: PowerDirector Video Editor APK works with many Android devices. Check the app’s prerequisites on Google Play to see whether your device is supported.

Q:5 Is PowerDirector Video Editor APK suitable for beginners?

Ans: PowerDirector Video Editor APK is an easy-to-use interface for beginners and experts. It provides instructions and guidelines for editing beginners.

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